The Asgard platform

At Asgard, our range of award winning products cater for people at all stages of life and all styles of investing. Whether your clients are first time investors or are experienced investors looking to maximise their returns, we have a solution for just about every situation.

By choosing Asgard, we enable you to concentrate on giving your clients great advice. How? By taking the pain out of administering your clients' accounts through the use of AdviserNET, our award winning portfolio management solution. And because our range of products caters for all your clients' investment needs from cradle to grave, it's the only solution you'll ever need.

Asgard Infinity eWRAP

Infinity eWRAP suits those investors who are just starting on the journey to build their wealth, or those with very specific investment needs.

Infinity is a totally customisable platform that can be tailored to your client's unique needs and grow with them. Simply select from the comprehensive choice of quality investment options, and clients only pay for what they use.

As your clients' needs change, you can simply add new features or seamlessly move them to the fully featured eWRAP platform, with no capital gains tax triggered and no time out of market.

Asgard eWRAP

Offers your clients a comprehensive investment solution. Suitable for self managed super accounts, eWRAP gives your clients access to hundreds of managed funds, all ASX listed shares, two cash options and all the extras they could possibly need, including tax planning, gearing and insurance.

eWRAP gives you the flexibility to actively manage your clients' investments and you and your clients decide on either a flat dollar, flat percentage or sliding scale monthly adviser remuneration.

Asgard Elements

Through Elements your clients can access a range of 50 managed funds that are managed by a variety of leading investment managers.

Business super

If you want to include business super in your practice, we have the solution. Asgard Employer Super has all the features your clients expect from an Asgard account, combined with comprehensive tools to help employers meet their super requirements. For more information, contact a Sales Consultant near you.


Insurance is an integral component of a good financial plan. The Asgard Personal Protection Package includes a wide range of insurance options – from life and salary continuance to key man insurance and business expense insurance – providing the right insurance option for all your clients. For more information, contact a Sales Consultant near you.

Margin lending

Gearing is becoming an increasingly popular investment strategy. Our margin lending solutions are fully integrated with AdviserNET so you can easily track and manage your clients' accounts. For more information, contact a Sales Consultant near you.


eCASH is an online bank account with St.George which offers your clients a highly competitive rate of interest and online access to their money. eCASH is fully integrated with AdviserNET, which brings with it all the efficiencies of opening and maintaining your clients' Asgard Accounts online.

CASH Connect

CASH Connect is an ‘every day' bank account with a high interest rate. Your clients have the convenience of a cheque book to pay their bills and they can withdraw cash at any St.George Bank or BankSA branch. You can manage your client's cash investments easily with the ability to make cash transfers to multiple external bank accounts (in addition to the nominated account) via AdviserNET.

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