SharePort - our new online trading platform

SharePort has been tailor-made to reduce the time you spend on shares administration. With comprehensive market data, full client trading histories and seamless integration with AdviserNET and AdviserNETgain – it makes shares in eWRAP Investment easy.

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Easy account management

Quickly find clients and review their share trading information including:

  • portfolio balances
  • account positions
  • full trading history of all E*TRADE and panel broker trades.

Improved trading

We’ve added new features that enhance trading and help you to manage your clients’ cashflow:

  • No buffer required when placing an At Market order online
  • Up-front pledging and vetting will give you peace of mind that trades won’t fail settlement
  • Intra-day trading will reduce the time out of the market if you’re using the proceeds of a sale to buy another stock
  • Greater visibility on unsettled amounts makes it easy to manage cash/stock position
  • Broker mail to keep you informed of order placement and acceptance.

Portfolio management tools

You can access real-time updates of your positions, monitor the market using watchlists and compare client portfolios against industry sectors.

Online research

SharePort also has an excellent range of market information to help with decision making. The depth of information available will increase your confidence in advising clients and allow you to respond to the market quickly:

  • Research and recommendations from leading independent research houses
  • Tips from industry experts
  • Real-time ASX company announcements
  • Daily market reports
  • Real-time prices and market depth.

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