For employers

If you’re an employer looking for an answer to the time-consuming task of administering your employees' superannuation, we have the solution for you – Asgard Employee Super.

Avoid the risks, complexities, responsibilities and liabilities of running an in-house superannuation fund. Leave it to us to take care of the trustee arrangements and all the legislative, taxation and reporting requirements.

Our experienced team of business-to-business specialists have superannuation, investment, insurance and administration expertise – so you can focus on the business of making money rather than administering superannuation.

For further information on how Asgard can help you to administer your employees' superannuation talk to our business superannuation team on:

Phone 1800 005 740

You can also read our Asgard Employee Super - Employer Guide for an overview of the features of Asgard Employee Super.

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