Asgard eWRAP

If you’re the kind of person who wants to take an active role in your investment decision making, then eWRAP is for you.

Asgard eWRAP is an easy-to-use wrap account that gives you access to cash, more than 400 managed investments and a wide range of ASX listed securities.

There are two types of eWRAP accounts:

  • Asgard eWRAP - Investment is an account that is used for your general (or non-super) investments. It provides a convenient way for you to ‘wrap up’ your managed investments, shares and your choice of cash account into one portfolio.
  • Asgard eWRAP - Super/Pension: the eWRAP Super Account lets you save for your retirement and the eWRAP Pension Account provides you with tax-effective income in retirement.

Through your financial adviser you’re able to easily change and mix your investments at any time to respond to the market or to ensure your risk profile meets your changing lifestyle.

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