How Infinity works

Fully customisable to suit the needs of your different clients

Infinity eWRAP is a fully customisable, pay-only-for-what-you-use platform. Advisers can choose from 3 managed fund menus and the full range of optional platform features such as equities, term deposits and insurance.

From clients with simple needs that may change over time, to those after a more sophisticated approach to investing, Infinity’s investment menu and fee structure allows advisers to build a portfolio tailored to client’s individual needs. Clients can choose from the uncomplicated Core menu, a wider range of choice on the Select menu or the fill list of 400+ managed funds on the Full menu depending on their level of sophistication.

  Admin fee (pa)
Core menu 0.30%
Select menu 0.45%
Choice menu 0.50%

Infinity clients also have the option of investing in direct equities at an admin fee of 0.10% on top of the Core/Select/Full admin fee. There are no admin fees charged on Term Deposits and cash accounts.

It puts advisers in control, and as their clients' needs and balances change and evolve they can simply add new options.

Fully customisable to suit your different client fee arrangements

Infinity offers flexibility when it comes to adviser remuneration, to support the different fee arrangements you have in place with your unique clients. It offers upfront and ongoing fees which can be set at the different feature levels and can be percentage based or flat dollar.