What is Infinity?

Welcome to Infinity – because your clients and your advice comes in all shapes and sizes

At Asgard, we know no two clients are the same. And we know every adviser’s business model is unique. That’s why we’re introducing Asgard Infinity eWRAP – a fully customisable, pay-for-what-you-use platform. Infinity is a smart solution for clients with lower balances or specific needs.

Infinity starts with a low cost Core offer and provides a range of optional features so you can customise the platform to suit your client’s specific needs. The good news is, clients only pay for the features they use, which may mean lower fees for many of your clients.

Our highly flexible adviser remuneration options give advisers the freedom to set up fee arrangements that best suit your business and the way you service your clients.

How does Infinity work?

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Infinity eWrap is fully customisable. Advisers can choose from 3 managed fund menus and the full range of optional platform features such as equities, term deposits and insurance. And our flexible adviser remuneration will support any business model. Here’s how.

Who is Infinity for?

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Infinity will give advisers opportunities to grow your business by helping you tap into new client segments such as the valuable SMSF market with specific needs and lower balance clients with simple needs.

Infinity fees and flexible adviser remuneration

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A completely flexible and customisable platform, Infinity eWRAP is priced to suit a range of client needs and support the different adviser remuneration arrangements you may have in place with your clients.

Investment choices

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Infinity eWRAP Investment menus give you the flexibility and control to adapt and create the right investment mix for your client’s to suit their changing needs.

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We’ve created a range of Infinity brochures, user guides and support material for you and your team.

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