Investment choices

Choice, diversity, flexibility

With a choice of three investment menus, Infinity gives you the flexibility and control to tailor a solution to meet your clients’ unique needs.

Infinity managed investment menus give you access to an extensive range of managed investments and shares, the choice between 2 competitive cash offerings, and the flexibility to change and mix your clients’ investments as their needs grow and change.

Core menu

Providing a simple low-cost core offer, which meets the needs of clients with specific needs and lower balances, the Core menu offers a range of managed funds including:

  • Advance Diversified Multi Blend funds
  • BT Wholesale Plus funds
  • BT Index Funds
  • Blackrock Index funds

The Advance multi-manager funds and BT Wholesale Plus funds provide access to actively managed investments that are diversified across sectors, ensuring the Core menu offers diversified portfolios to suit clients with all risk tolerances.

BT Index Funds provide the lowest cost options for clients seeking to track an index or diversify across sectors. BT offers index portfolios to provide low cost options to suit all clients’ risk tolerances.

The Advance, BT and Blackrock managed funds are also available on the Select and Full menus.

Select menu

If you need access to a broader investment menu, the Select investment menu offers a range of over 80 diversified managed investments for 0.15% on top of the Core administration fee. These funds cover all asset classes to enable you to increase the diversification of your clients’ investments.

The funds on the Select menu are also available in the Full menu.

Full menu

If you’d like access to the full eWRAP investment menu, it’s available for an additional 0.20% on top of the Core administration fee. The full menu gives access to over 400 managed funds with a range of fund managers and multiple options for each asset class. The full menu also includes specialist funds that allow you to provide the best possible investment recommendations to your clients. All new fund additions and closures to the Asgard eWRAP menu are automatically reflected on the Infinity Full menu.