Who is Infinity for?

Infinity offers you an opportunity to develop your business by helping you tap into new client segments.

1. Low balance investors with less than $250,000 to invest

Infinity eWRAP is the perfect solution for low balance clients with less than $250,000 to invest, who are starting out building their wealth. And because it’s priced to compete with industry super funds, it’s a great way to win business from industry funds and help existing clients consolidate their super.

2. Specific investment needs

Managed funds, shares and term deposits

Clients who don’t need the full range of features that eWRAP offers could benefit from Infinity. With its pay for what you use model, it’s a perfect match for these clients. And with the award winning power of AdviserNET, it’s an extremely effective way for you to manage clients who only use specific asset classes – providing total flexibility, an integrated solution, and consolidated reporting.

Infinity allows you to engage with new clients and reconnect with clients who have gone off platform due to cost. At the heart of Infinity is a fair pricing model:

  • low Core pricing
  • only pay for features you use
  • no optional feature administration fee on cash and term deposits

3. The growing self managed super fund segment

Infinity eWRAP is the ideal option for many SMSF clients, offering the flexibility, control and cost effectiveness often required by this price sensitive segment. Infinity allows you to maintain complete control over both features and costs – an appealing offer for SMSFs that only use limited asset classes such as shares.

4. Clients transitioning to retirement

Infinity allows you to transition clients from super to pension seamlessly with no CGT event or time out of market. With no optional feature administration fees on cash and term deposits and no trustee fee, Infinity eWRAP is cost effective for these clients transitioning to retirement who typically hold more money than average in these assets. In addition, Transition to Retirement (TTR) fee discounts are also automatically applied where an Infinity client holds both a pension and a super account in the same name. This makes Infinity a highly cost effective option for clients undertaking a TTR strategy.

5. Children of existing clients

Just as Infinity eWRAP offers a perfect solution for low balance clients, it is also a growth opportunity for the children and grandchildren of your existing clients. While these clients often start out small their wealth and investment sophistication will grow over time. Infinity matches this, allowing you to recommend an account with Core features to begin with, add more features as required and ultimately convert seamlessly to an eWRAP account when it makes sense for them. All with a minimum of paperwork, and keeping the same account number throughout their life. This will offer a clear advantage for both you and your clients over the next decade as an estimated $600 billion is transferred from one generation to the next.

6. Self-employed

Infinity is an effective solution for contractors, small businesses and tradespeople. It’s competitive with industry super funds and other low cost options, offers cost-effective insurance via super and allows maximum control, flexibility and visibility with 24-hour access to Investor Online.

For an adviser it’s a great way to engage with and retain self-employed clients.

7. Super consolidation

Infinity is the perfect solution for clients looking to consolidate their super. It can help you to reactivate inactive clients and, through consolidating multiple super accounts (including industry super), grow your business. You can also expand your protection offer to these clients.

See our case study that shows how Infinity can be a platform for all of your clients life stages.