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Products and services

  • Asgard Open eWRAP

    Asgard Open eWRAP offers a simplified pricing structure.

  • Infinity eWRAP

    Infinity eWRAP suits those investors who are just starting on the journey to build their wealth, or those with very specific investment needs.

  • eWRAP

    Asgard eWRAP is a great account if you have (or want to have) many different managed funds and shares in your portfolio.

  • Asgard Investment & Super/Pension

    Asgard Investment & Super/Pension provides you with investment flexibility, is easy-to-use, and offers you a wide range of managed investments and shares investment menu..

  • Elements

    If you have better things to do with your time than agonise over investment decisions, make investing easy with Elements.

  • eCASH and CASH Connect

    Asgard eCASH And CASH Connect are stand-alone cash management accounts that can also be linked to Asgard's eWRAP Investment Account.

Whatever stage of life you're at, Asgard has a platform solution to suit your needs.

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