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Asgard eWRAP

Important note

Asgard eWRAP Super/Pension and Asgard eWRAP - Investment are no longer available to new clients since 5 December 2021. Existing clients are not impacted by the closure and will continue to have access to the current features and functionality of the products.

  • Asgard eWRAP - Super/Pension

    Other features of your Asgard eWRAP Super Account include:

    Transfer from Super to Pension

    You can easily transfer part or all of your benefits from an Asgard eWRAP Super Account to a tax-effective Asgard eWRAP Pension Account.

    When you transfer from an Asgard eWRAP Super Account or Asgard eWRAP Pension Account to a new Asgard eWRAP Pension Account, we can transfer investments without selling them, so there is no disposal for capital gains tax purposes (super only) and no charges associated with buying and selling investments. For the conditions that apply to these transfers refer to the eWRAP - Super/Pension PDS.

    Choice of Fund

    Your eWRAP Super Account is part of a complying super fund under ‘Choice of Fund’ legislation. We can accept any super contributions that you ask your employer to pay us (if you’re eligible).

    eWRAP Pension Accounts

    Other features of your Asgard eWRAP Pension Accounts include:

    Access to benefits

    • Allocated Pension Account - with an allocated pension you can adjust the amount of your regular pension payments to suit your needs*. You can also choose the frequency of your pension payments - either monthly, quarterly or annual payments. And you can take all or part of your benefits as a lump sum payment. *Note: This depends upon how much money you have in your Account and is subject to limits set by legislation.
    • Term Allocated Pension Account - with a term allocated pension, your total pension payments for each year are based on the remaining term of your pension. Payments can be made to you on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can only withdraw (commute) your term allocated pension in limited circumstances.

    Tax credits

    Investment earnings in eWRAP Pension Accounts are free of tax.

    You will also receive the full value of any available franking credits on the managed investments and shares that fund your pension.

    Transfers between Pensions

    You can transfer part or all of your benefits from an existing Asgard eWRAP Pension Account to another eWRAP Pension Account without selling down your managed investments, which can eliminate transfer costs.

  • eWRAP Term Deposit

    You can now invest in a term deposit on eWRAP. And with your interest rate fixed upfront, your money is secure for the length of the term.

    Why invest in a term deposit?

    Investing in a term deposit is a great way to get a return on money you have available while you look into other investments, like property. At rates higher than standard accounts, parking in term deposits makes real sense.

    View the latest term deposit interest rates here.

    Where do I go for more information?

    To find out more about investing in term deposits through eWRAP, including how and when interest is paid and what happens at maturity, take a look at our
    Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Investment options

    Flexibility and choice

    When you invest through Asgard eWRAP, you can select from an extensive range of managed investments and shares.

    Through your financial adviser you’re able to change and mix your investments to respond to the market or to ensure your risk profile meets your changing lifestyle.

    If you hold managed investments with other providers you can usually transfer these into your eWRAP - Investment Account.

    If you want to sell some of your eWRAP managed investments, your financial adviser can nominate specific groups of these to help you manage your Capital Gains Tax position.

  • Insurance

    To help protect your lifestyle and investments in the event of a personal crisis, Asgard offers a range of insurance options available through Super.

    These include:

    • Salary Continuance
    • Life Protection
    • Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD)

    Insurance options are available through:

    Premiums for insurance can be paid directly from your Cash Account.

  • Fees

    One of the major advantages of Asgard eWRAP - Investment is that you can negotiate the fees you pay your financial adviser in relation to your Account.

    Asgard also gives you access to a range of wholesale managed investments with lower investment manager charges than retail funds (these are generally not directly available to retail investors).

  • Disclosure documents

  • Keeping you informed

    Consolidated reports

    The Asgard eWRAP consolidates all the transactions from different investment managers and listed entities into one easy-to-read report.

    You also receive a detailed Annual Investor Report each financial year, giving you a comprehensive but simple snapshot of your assets.

    24 hour online access

    You can also view your personal Account details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by logging onto Investor Online at www.investoronline.info.

    Speak to a real person – locally!

    If you’re having trouble finding the information you need online, we’re here to assist you with any questions you might have. So, if you prefer speaking with real people, based locally, call us on 1800 731 812.

  • Managing your Capital Gains Tax

    When you want to sell some of the managed investments in your eWRAP Investment Account, through your financial adviser, you can nominate specific tax parcels of managed investments to be sold. Furthermore, if you have shares in your eWRAP Investment Account, with the help of your financial adviser you can choose the order in which shares should be sold.

    This allows you to better manage and control the amount of capital gain or loss you incur when selling managed investments and shares.

  • Margin loans

    The eWRAP Margin Lending facility provides you with the opportunity to borrow money to invest through your eWRAP Investment Account.

    St.George Bank - A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 (St.George) is the issuer of eWRAP Margin Lending. St.George offers a competitive Acceptable Securities List (ASL), featuring a wide range of shares and managed investments with a range of loan-to-value ratios.

    By borrowing money to invest in shares and managed investments through your eWRAP Investment Account, you can increase the size of your portfolio and have the opportunity to potentially increase your returns. By providing a larger pool of money to invest in a wider range of shares or managed investments, eWRAP Margin Lending can also improve the diversification of your portfolio, and this diversification may help you to manage overall investment risk.

    While margin lending can increase your potential for greater returns, it can also increase the potential for greater losses if investments perform poorly. If the value of your portfolio falls, your losses will be greater than if you had an un-geared investment. Due to this risk, margin lending may not be a suitable investment strategy for every investor.

    You can apply for an eWRAP Margin Lending facility when you open your eWRAP Investment Account or at a later date.

    View the latest interest rates that apply to eWRAP Margin Lending.

    This information has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this you should, before acting on this information, consider its appropriateness, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. When considering margin lending, we strongly recommend you consult your financial adviser.

  • Transfers

    Transfers from other providers

    You may be able to transfer managed investments that you currently hold with another provider into your eWRAP - Investment Account without a change in beneficial ownership, provided they are on the eWRAP Available Products List.

    You can also transfer shares that you already own into your eWRAP Investment Account and still retain legal and beneficial ownership.

    In nearly all cases, no Capital Gains Tax is payable on the transfer of the managed investments into your Account and no transfer fees apply.

    Once these existing assets have been transferred to your Account, Asgard will report on them, along with any other investments you may choose in your eWRAP portfolio.

  • Regular investments

    eWRAP has a Regular Buy facility for managed investments.

    Simply choose how much you want to invest into one or more managed investments on a regular basis – either monthly or quarterly.

    Your financial adviser can set this up for you. Asgard will deduct money from your Cash Account and buy the managed investments you have nominated.

    Start your Regular Buy for as little as $100 per month.

  • Regular deposit plan

    You can use a Regular Deposit Plan to save for your retirement in a more disciplined way.

    You can start your plan with as little as $100 per month.

    Remember, the sooner you start, the easier it will be to reach your retirement goals.

  • Awards

    Asgard eWRAP is one of the most awarded platforms in the financial services industry. Some of eWRAP’s more recent awards include:

    Financial Review’s Smart Investor magazine Blue Ribbon Awards 2006

    The Australian Financial Review’s Smart Investor magazine awarded Asgard eWRAP Super/Pension Platform of the Year – Super at their inaugural Blue Ribbon Awards for Investment 2006.

    Assirt/Wealth Insights Service Level Survey 2006

    Asgard eWRAP was ranked as the number one platform in the market in the 2006 Assirt/Wealth Insights Service Level Survey. Asgard services have been voted first or second in the Assirt Service Level Survey every year since 2000.

    Asset magazine’s Innovation Awards 2006

    eWRAP Super/Pension winner of Asset magazine’s Innovation Awards 2006 - Retail Portfolio Platform of the Year – Small Investors (Super) and Retail Portfolio Platform of the Year Large Investors (Super).

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